What will it cost you?

Treatment (from):

- Internal Spider Spray $79

- External Spider Spray $138

- Internal Flea Treatment $40

- External Flea Treatment $105

- Internal Cockroach Treatment $120

- Internal & External Ant Treatment $159

- Rodent Treatment:

4 Rat Stations + Bait $120
6 Rat Stations + Bait $180
8 Rat Stations + Bait $220
4 Mice Stations + Bait $64
6 Mice Stations + Bait $96
8 Mice Stations + Bait $128

Other pest control treatments also available: wasps, silverfish, bed bugs, pantry moths, carpet moth, carpet beetle and other insects.

Minimum fee: $120.

Please note: A small travel fee may be charged depending on location.

Please see below for more information.


Servicing Armidale, Guyra & Uralla.

Our highly respectable pest control professionals practice in integrated pest control management methods, keep up to date with the latest technologies and provide the most effective and safest management solutions for your pest control problem. Whether it be fleas, spiders, cockroaches, pantry moths, ants, bed bugs, silverfish, rodents, wasps or bees, our technicians are able to identify the pest, control their surroundings and prevent them from re-entering your property. We are able to perform internal and external treatments depending on your budget and the severity of their movements. Bang For Ya Buck recommends internal and external pest control treatment once every 6 months to ensure continued success in the removal of pests.

The Outcome Of OUR Pest Control Treatments:
  • Reduces the chance of health issues & diseases caused by pests
  • Highly effective products and knowledge
  • Removes unwanted plants, animals, insects and germs
  • Prevents pests from re-establishing on the premises
  • Decreased risk of repair costs to your property in the future
  • Safe products and chemicals
Please Note:
Any sign of a pest is an indication that more pests are lurking about in places you cannot see. It is recommended that you call a pest control professional in the first instance of seeing a pest in order to inhibit their ability to populate and infest your property both internally & externally.

Benefits and Advantages:
  • Prevents pests from re-entering the property
  • Kills pests that have already established themselves on the premises
  • Reduces chance of health issues and diseases
  • Gets rid of unwanted plants, animals, insects and germs that interfere with human activity
  • Increased health of residents
  • Our knowledgeable technicians can advise you of any other pest problems evident
  • Our technicians will know any previous pest problems your property was serviced for to service your property to a higher standard
  • Increased protection of building and structure
  • Highly effective products and knowledge
  • Saves a lot of time and effort
  • Decreased repairing damage costs in the future
  • Complete eradication the first time

  • Safe and effective insecticide
  • 100 metre hose for easy access to all areas of your property
  • Tank mounted insecticide sprayer
  • Back pack mister-sprayer
  • Electric internal B&G pump sprayer
  • Hand blower dusters
  • Battery powered roof dusters
  • B&G spray canisters
  • Usage of 2 and 3 bay lancers
  • Full personal protective safety equipment